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02 / 27 / 22
Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensiv...

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About Tanner & Anuhea Sherman

Tanner and Anuhea live in Omaha, Nebraska with their 7 amazing children and two dogs. The Sherman kids are all very involved in the family business and are young entrepreneurs at heart. From lemonade stands, to online businesses, they will surely be able to fill the shoes of their parents. Walking properties, turning over short term rental units between stays, hosting open houses, decorating, and so much more have become good sources of quality time.


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Client Testimonials

Tanner is a rockstar! He helped me land my first duplex deal and talked me through a lot my doubts using his strategies and analytical skills. He went above and beyond to help me! Can’t wait to work with him again!

Joanne B

Tanner has been an amazing agent for me. I was new to investing in real estate when we started working together and he has been an overflowing wealth of knowledge which is exactly what I needed. More of a mentor than just an agent. He has always been open to my questions and encourages them. Which is great because I have asked him a TON of questions and he always responds. All that aside he also delivered exactly what he promised from the day I started working with him. Found me a property that fit my criteria PERFECTLY and he knew it. Which is why we were able to get it under contract just 3 hours after it was listed. I consider Tanner a friend now and not just “my agent” because he cares about developing a relationship with his clients.

Andrew Beckman

Tanner is a great guy and realtor. He found my first multifamily property and navigated me through all my doubts. He is a numbers guy and his underwriting and strategy for my offer letter were spot on. A few hours before the closing of my property my father was on his deathbed and Tanner pulled out all the stops to handle the closing. His performance is above and beyond my expectations.

Justin Hegg

I recently worked with Tanner to purchase a rental property. Being a real estate investor himself, I had no problem explaining my goals and preferences. He understands the language of real estate which is essential if you’re looking for an agent to help you meet your investing objectives. He was able to walk the property and provided an honest assessment. This deal was through a wholesaler, which some real estate agents would not be comfortable with. I’d recommend Tanner to real estate investors at any stage in their journey. He’s pleasant to work with and understands the Omaha market.

David Vona

Tanner was able to resolve concerns for the seller and buyers (myself). We had a difficult time with the seller but Tanner did a great job of finding out what would work best for all parties to close the deal. 5/5.

Jeremy Rock

Tanner has been one of the most helpful, responsive, honest, and humble real estate agents I have ever met. I would not think about recommending anyone else before I recommend Tanner as real estate investor’s agent. He knows what he is talking about, and if he doesn’t know something he will put the time in to figure it out. He goes way above and beyond on just about everything to make sure you get the deal done. I ran into an appraising issue and he was volunteering his time on a Sunday to help me paint a house that wasn’t even mine yet. Not only that, but he even bought my family and I pizza while we worked. I should have been the one buying him pizza. Because of him, I closed on that deal this last Tuesday. He worked almost all hours of the night to just make sure things got done on time and always produced on his word. I couldn’t ask for anything else in a real estate agent. If you aren’t working with him yet, you definitely better start. He is the definition of what Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets calls a “Rockstar Agent” and will play a vital role in your success as a real estate investor. I’d be happy to discuss Tanner further in depth outside of this review if anyone would like more information, just reach out. There are just too many good things to type online.

Nick Sells

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